Monday, March 3, 2008

you don't have to be American to be un American...

so Marion Cotillard. love her, hate her, don't know who the feck she is. you will in about 24hours because she did the unthinkable, career suicide you might say. she talked about 9/11. yes that is right. she dared to have an an opinion that didn't match the majority about what really happend on 9/11. it is my belief that the whole planes in the building kaboom was a clever ruse myself. not quite like what she is suggesting ( that the insurance companies put pressure on the TT for not updating their safety specs on the building to bring it up to code and decided it was cheaper to level the fcukers with 2000+ people in it) but i'm sure most was taken out of context because that is what the press does to anyone without their feet firmly planted on US Terra firma.
just one more reason to hate the french!
if there are not with us they are against us!
get your pitchforks this crazy french bitch dared to challenge what the 'media' force feeds you!
anyway..poor bitch just won an Oscar and was the belle of the ball,we all loved her. now less than two weeks later it's a tear down. oh did i mention that article was over a year ago that she made the comments? funny how all four main catergories at the Oscars were won by foreigners. we'll have to see what happens if Javier Bardem kicks a puppy or something for this to be a conspiracy. maybe Daniel Day Lewis made some off colour comments about jews 15 years ago the media can dig into.

i personally believe if you have read what i have read about the collapse of those buildings and how it was virtually impossible for what happened to happen then you too should question it too- un American or not. anything less is apathetic and naive.

*knock knock*

"Homeland security? but this is Canada...wait what are you doing. put that down, you can't do that! Hey..wait I haven't saved my-----------------"

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