Thursday, February 28, 2008

mother nature thinks you're an asshole...

you know something i've noticed and really no one is going to give a shit,but hey it's my blog and sometimes i go off into the random. litter. litter you ask? wtf does litter have to do with me going off on a useless rant other than pick it up and find a garbage can asshole?

well folks what i have noticed well out..walking/hiking/driving is that the majority of litter is coming from both Mcdonald's and Tim Horton's. why is that? you don't see Starbucks litter, you don't see Wendy's litter. is it a social class thing? people who drink Starbucks spend more therefor making more and subsequently have the better sense to use a garbage can? or is it that people who tend to spend $4 on a latte want to so savor it they keep the cups??? that would be really fucked up.

why do you think it is that people who pay $1.50 for a coffee see it fit to toss the cup out the window? well unless it's roll up the rim to win, then you know every mofo out there is searching for those damn the garbage, in the ditch, in the backseat on the floor or your car.

I'm more partial to beleive that it's lazy uncouth people who frequent drive thrus. I mean you don't see people carry their trays at McDicks and just drop all the refuse in the middle of the floor right? then why do these people think it's ok to open the window and throw the WHOLE BAG OUT?

Next time you're out and about..look in the gutter and notice the namebrands because you know that shit isn't going to say skinny half caf, extra whip, no chocloate, extra hot on the side.
*UPDATE- ok so i walked out my front door and almost tripped on a Starbucks cup. but the kicker? it wasn't there yesterday and already it's biodegrading before my eyes. ok so maybe my whole theory is shot but at least we know in 2265 there will be an archeologist digging up a 'Ho cup only to find he's won a car that is 257 years old.

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