Monday, April 21, 2008

the awesome return of robin sparkles...

not as good as "let's go to the mall"...but damn it was the perfect blend of tiffany (who makes a cameo), debbie gibson and lame canadiana at its best.

but one thing:

wtf kind of accent was dawson trying to do on the show? it was like fargo meets dublin meets a lot of molson. badddd. bad.

here's her official myspace. enjoy "sand castles in the sand"
from alberta to onntarrrioooo.


adrian said...

Yeah, it WAS awesome but what was with the episode ending with Robin & Barney kissing? That kind of sucked.

jax said...

i know! what a bastard..pooor ted you know he still loves her.

adrian said...

I think they jumped the shark with that ending. It was like when Rachel & Joey had as thing on Friends.
Totally not believable or called for. I don't like the new writers that came aboard.