Sunday, April 20, 2008

this isn't a stoner post

but today is 420 in the weed world. and living in the vancouver area it's like fucking christmas. and santa comes in the form of a fat jolly man wearing tie dye and a floppy green pot-leafed suess hat who throws joints into the crowd. they don't call it vansterdam for nuttin! 5000+ people gather at the vancouver art gallery for a smoke-in supporting legalization. i went once over 13 years ago. it was a lot smaller then but there were people from ALL walks of life..students,doctors,musicians,
politicians,clergy,gay,straight they were all very stoned and all very it was a complete fucking love fest of mary jane and their right to enjoy it just like their canadian brothers..the beer drinker.

i remember it to be a really great experience and empowering as a canadian to just exercise my right to do this in a safe and somewhat legal enviroment. sure we was smoking the gang but we were demonstrating. and being very civil about it. cops were everywhere just standing around..some closer than others hahaaha. no one plays the hero..they just stand and smirk knowing this is going to be the easiest couple of hours on the job that year.

i won't be down there's huge and crazy in a no parking kinda way and i've done my part already,i'll leave to youngen's to do theirs.

the funniest thing? this year it coincides with the Sun run in vancouver, a marathon throughout the city usually about 55 000 people. so picture those two groups merging...i bet those finish times are going to go down a wee bit this year.
god help you 7/11 employee.

if you're's last year. around 2:30 is for you intellectual folk.

oh and remember...weed is like a spice,use a bit here and there but you wouldn't want it on everything.

3 comments: said...

I totally forgot about 4/20. Maybe I forgot because I celebrated so often when I was younger?

jax said... sure a lot of previous celebrators (sp?) did as well B.

Jewels said...

They celebrate 420 in grand style here in the Niagara Region, usually at the start of Hwy 420, LOL! (you think I'm kidding! LOL!) Huge crowds gather, same thing, folks from all walks of life, smoking the hooch. Love it, but, like you, chose to sit it out. Well, the public demonstration anyway, I kept my display private... ;)