Sunday, April 13, 2008

it's ghoulishly good!

so i don't have advertising and probably won't for awhile...i know it can be damn annoying but should i do that what kind of stuff would most interest you? what would be a complete turnoff?

i miss boo berry cereal. do they sell it in your parts of the world? it was my fav of the Chocula/Frankenberry/Boo trifecta of processed sugary goodness. they reissue the Count every Halloween but it's not the same. it ain't boo.

what do you miss eatin as a kid? what do you still indulge in? for me it's cheese wiz on toast. that stuff is terrible for you...but so cheesy good. im gonna die soon.


adrian said...

I am trying to track down this popcorn my mother used to buy--it was coated in a pink sugary strawberry flavor. YUM!
I tracked down Quisp cereal, Malted Milk Tablets, and King Vitamin Cereal.

jax said...

Pink Elephant? did it have a giant circus themed box?

wtf is King Vitamin cereal? and you liked it??? lol.

how ya feeling? tired of every ass asking you that? hope all is well for you.

adrian said...

The popcorn came in a cellophane bag--it was so sweet & sugary.
King Vitamin was like Captain Crunch, but in little discs--not rectangles.. It had king, & the theme was "King Vitamin, have breakfast with the king, King Vitamin, have breakfast with the king..."
I think I will look for it on Youtube.
I don't mind people asking how I am--it is the horrible comments. When I told a friend it didn't spread to my lymph nodes--she responded with "good--now you know you're not dieing". I told her that wasn't an option I considered.
And of course, I keep getting the worst of the stories--death, masectomies, spreading, etc. I went to the surgeon today--he said I should be done with Chemo & radiation by Christmas. Ugh!!
Just today a friend said I am all done, I can put this behind me now. I had to remind her this is just the beginning-- I will have to be checked for the rest of my life.

Are you familiar with Pink Popcorn?

jax said...

jesus some people have no tact even when they are trying to say the right thing. hang in there...maybe my idea of a blog would be helpful, or at least put a positve spin on your situation and lessen the stupid comments from well wishers. sending good karma your way.

the only Pink i know is the Pink Elephant. when i was a kid we had cracker jack and Pink E. oh and hideous Jiffy Pop which was NASTY.

adrian said...

Is the Pink Elephant Barbie Pink & very, very sweet? I hgaven't seen this in maybe 30 years, & I thought it was in a cello bag, I could be wrong.

jax said...

here is a pic:

it was actually lucky elephant..who knew?

or is this yours?

adrian said...

oooo! i am so excited--I don't remember it being called Pink Elephant, but I googled it, & I think that is it based on the description.
I will have to order some!
I just received a box today of chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter, caramel chunk peanut butter, & chocolate raspberry peanut butter.
eating frenzy at my house!!
Thanks so much for the tip.

adrian said...

I mentioned the popcorn to my sister this morning--she hadn't thought about it in about 30 years, but said it was in a cellophane bag, & was SICKENINGLY sweet. I must order some!
But, she has no recollection of King Vitamin!