Sunday, April 13, 2008

what would jesus do?

if you don't watch big brother 9 skip this. and if you do let's talk Team Christ. wtf? seriously? ok i'm sorry but i like a seperation between church and reality tv. that is the most fuckin ridiculous thing i've seen in a long time. does natalie know why the fuck she is there? to screw over and scheme her way to $500 000. this isn't sunday service, forming the God Squad isn't going to advance you in a game based on clawing your way to the top. you can't pray your ass for the win, jesus is not your co-pilot in this game darlin..he's got better things to do.

like organize Anonymous rallies.


jax said...

you lying bitches! you know you watch this!

surfer said...

Okay, I fess up. I'm addicted.

Every year they seem to get at least one or two religous nutjobs - remember the twin sisters a few years ago? Anyway, I think Nat is totally delusional. Remember the first week how she was giving Matt blowjobs (for late-night viewers to see, later posted on You Tube), and now we're supposed to believe this transformation? Gimme a break!

I hope the door gives her a good thwack on the way out.

jax said...

jebus if i have to listen to her nasal whiny ass voice until the end i swear...i don't what i'll do but it will be badass.''

she is annoying as hell...i'm so glad they finally see through her.
Backdoor that bitch!

i miss James. he had a massive wang,i saw it...but that's not why i miss

jax said...

blowjobs for Jesus!