Friday, May 2, 2008

chad kroeger is a douchebag

ya i said it.
this asshat was busted tooling around in his Lamborghini well over the speed limit and shocking! was drunk. like 2x over the limit drunk.
so a drunk douchebag in a very expensive killing machine gets pulled over, fails a sobriety test and months later finally gets sentenced.
$600 fine and a suspended license for a year. i'm thinking wow that's a slap on the wrist, damn good thing he didn't hurt or kill someone. notice i didn't say of himself? ya cuz i wish he would.
would you believe that this fucker has the balls to appeal the judges decision? his excuse being that chad lives in a very rural area and requires a license to get to business appointments.
ok here's the thing. Chad DOES live in a rural area (in fact drop by he lives on Burgess Ave. in Abbotsford, BC) on a lot of acreage in the country, but last time i drove by and yelled DOUCHEBAG! i do believe i was driving on know the same sort of pavement a LIMO or i don't know....a chauffeured SUV would drive on.
Chad you dick...your shitty band with your no talent 3 note music grossed millions last year.
HIRE A DRIVER and take it like a man.


RagDoll said...

It's only a matter of time before he has more hairplugs than dollars and he's shilling on late-night TV infomercials for a collection of "The Biggest Turn-of-the-Century Hits EVAAAARRRRR" Yes that's right follks...all your favorite hits from the early 2000's included in this limited edition Time-Life collection...yours to enjoy forever.

T-minus 14:59 Chad-the-Cad...tick-freekin-tock.....

Anonymous said...

Old post, I realize this, but also would love to ad that if you tell him to his face that you don't like his band - not in a demeaning or in a way to provoke any violence - he will sick his "body guard" on you. Even if you do own the venue he and his band is playing at.

Needless to say, they won't ever be welcome back. That, and I will one day be able to check "punching Chad Kroeger in the face" off my bucket list.