Tuesday, May 20, 2008

hez in need

hey there! fellow blogger Hez asked me for your opinion on her new site. I am working on a blog roll for this page but don't have time to finish right now so do a bitch a favor and check out her new digs and see what you think? you can provide comments here or there....

first 3 to comment don't get shit!!!! lol.

thanks for helping the heziverse get better one blog at a time. i've posted the pic because if you knew how much she has going on she IS like fuckin Wonder Women.


Hez said...

Oops, that link should be cvxn.tumblr.com.

If you're new to the Tumblr/microblogging thing, it can be a little confusing.

Yes, there's a lot of info there, but that's because I'm endeavouring to centralize my web presence. (Yeah, I talk like that now. Welcome to my nerdmare.) So I have my feeds from Twitter and Flickr on there and you'll see the latest from those on the far left, then the center has all my links (including archives and previous pages) and a list of the other Tumblristas I am following and often reblogging (because this service combines blog and social network), and on the right are the posts.

Some are regular text posts, some photos and sometimes I just post a link or a quote or an MP3 or video (which is why they call this trend "microblogging"). And when I'm being lazy, I'll just reblog what somebody else blogged (which you can do with a single mouse click) or an IM chat or a screenshot of someone's Twitter - you'll see examples of all of those if you browse the backblog.

The comment service I have added is called Disqus (Tumblr doesn't have comments so you have to add an app) and it is becoming more common on sites that don't always support comments. I think you can be anonymous if you want, but if you register, you get a master view of all the comments you've ever left on any Disqus-enabled site, which is kind of cool.

This is all in advance of a digital media conference I'll be attending later this week, so your feedback is much appreciated! Love you, Jax!

xo Hez

Hez said...

Oh, ferfucksakes. It doesn't look like comments are working on my blog right now. So leave me a note here or email me directly through my blog while I hack back in there and see what I did wrong.

jax said...

lol i noticed AND fixed the link,my bad. this siwhat happens when you try working and blogging at the same damn time.

mngddess said...

Oh good - I thought it was my Alzheimer's disease kicking in when I couldn't find a place to comment. I am both overwhelmed and impressed with a scootch of envy thrown in. I am very proud of you, Hez! One day we'll have a second unofficial CDAN and we will meet.