Tuesday, May 20, 2008

you won't catch me in mexico...ever

that statement was made many years ago before the recent murder of a teenhood friend this past weekend. 29 years old and shot 3 times in the head. the first one killed him the last two were a fuck you.

until the mexican government takes up the cause of keeping tourists alive i will not spend $1 in their country. Corrupt was invented in mexico and has been the way of life for government employees for decades. cover ups,payoffs and cops on the take are the norm.

please read the following link before deciding where to spend your hard earned pesos.

* there's going to be a big update in the case and until it's public knowledge i'm not going to comment. i still stand behind my statement though.

RIP Ingo.


surfer said...

Oh Jax, I'm so sorry.

Being a fellow canuck, I'm very familiar with the story, as it was plastered all over the news. Have been to Mexico many times, but not sure I'll ever go back. A lot of the (Canadian) victims were from here in Ontario.

You're 100% right when you talk about how corrupt the government is. Just look at the Brenda Martin story, how they dragged it out for a few years, until her friend went to the media, then got the ball rolling.

jax said...

thnx Surfer...hadn't seen him in ages but from what i remember he was a nice kid. shame.

it was all over the news here too but they have yet to identidy him as from Van.

Bad Fish (trix) said...

I feel for ya. Ive been through something similar, when a childhood friend of mine was murdered when I was a teen.

I had already resolved to not set foot in Mexico again, a few months ago when I started reading about all the increased kidnappings and lack of tourism to Baja. Eff that.

Rebecca said...

Hey Jax,

I followed you here from CDAN. Really like what you got going on here. Hope you don't mind if I visit often...

I had not heard about this story. It definitely is very suspicious how they are targetting Canadians. I know that a lot of kidnappings result in sex trafficking, but why murder these people? My only conspiracy theory is that they may be stealing the victims' identities. Who knows? All I know is that this is really fucked up.

jax said...

welcome rebecca! thnx for stopping by and do often!

~crazy peanut~ said...

So very sorry about your friend jax. It's horrifing.

...and as far as travelling goes, there are far nicer places to visit and spend my hard earned cashola, other then Mexico.

Turks & Cacos anyone?

P.S. I like what you have done to the place, you fixed it up real nice. :) Mind if I sit a spell?

jax said...

everyone is always welcome! thanks for you kind words.

jax said...

turksis def on my list!
i really wanted to check out St. Barts but you need like a friggen private jet to get there..or a yacht. why does that word look so weird? yacht? yaht? sorry..lol.

~crazy peanut~ said...

Canada should have grabbed up that little tropical paradise when we had the chance too. How nice would it be to include a hot local to visit sans passport? ahhh sweet, and they have no tax too. Now THAT really is paradise.

jax said...

i nkow every other country has a nice peice of sunshine...we have Kelowna..yay.

beyondseattle said...

sorry about your friend jax, was planning on going to mexico this summer but your right the goverment is corrupt and will not support them with my tourism dollar.