Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i just don't care, maybe later i will

i'm sick of Cannes. i'm sick of American Idol. i don't care who wins because regardless it's still going to be the worst shit music you have heard thus far. i'm sick of Brangelina pictures..fuck im sick of Angie in her dark lord wardrobe,get some fuckin colour and get over the damn goth phase like the rest of us in our 30s did years ago.

i am soooo over America's next (out of work) top model AND Tyra(nt).

Plus size? a size 8? fuck YOU! tyra you were bigger than the bitch you chose as a plus size winner. we aren't stupid it was planned from the get go.

i'm sick of the calories and fat content of everything. that's great you care but leave me in peace to enjoy my low fat chai while you snack away on 3 almonds and a non fat, non dairy,non tasting air in a $4 cup. i don't care!

i'm sick of drama,not the celeb kind but the friend kind. drama resides where it is comfortable so if you're whining again about drama a in your life maybe stop pulling up a chair and fixing it a coffee. stop opening the door and making it feel welcome. just stop...

life is friggin short kids..enjoy what you can when you moderation whether it be sex,snark, drama,chocolate or Brangelina pictures.


Bad Fish (trix) said...

I'm so with you on AI and the Cannes and ANTM. Who cares anymore. The Internet may have revitalized the celebrity craze, but I think it'll be the death of the image of infallibility of celebs. Then maybe stupid crap like this won't fly anymore.

jax said...

Jen this isn't about you! i'm sick of the things not the you go girl!

(co-worker who reads)

trix- totally.its like stop dumbing it down already,we're smart enough for the good stuff stop insulting me.

mngddess said...

OK - I stood up and applauded. Really. I've had to reevaluate they way I choose my "friends" in the past years as well as how much of a friend I am. Got rid of a lot of dreck, I tell ya.

I would also like to add that people like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan (and Mom), dipshit Britney Spears (and Mom), and probably Tyra Banks GIANT ego need to be put in a boat and set adrift inthe middle of the Pacific. If they can get to land, good for them, Otherwise, who cares?