Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i love this guy

not in a he's so hot way but he made the funniest joke last night on real world hollywood.

yes i watch a lot of shite tv,it's my fix.

anyway dave and the rest of the roommates are talking to joey who is heading to rehab in episode 3. damn they don't waste time these days. back when it was real world london they waited until after the show ended. so there they were all serious trying to talk joey about addiction and reassuring him it would be ok and out comes Dave.

"Hey maybe you'll meet Lindsay Lohan"


love that guy.


Bad Fish said...

lol he should have said "Maybe you'll meet Lindsay Lohan, dump your fiancee for her, have sex with her in stairwells and bathrooms, get a permanent orange streak anywhere she touches you, oh and get your clothes, drugs, valuables, and even the very dollar bill you snort the coke with all stolen"

jax said...

sounds about right. i just love that the inside of the Real World house is decorated with Celeb Mugshots..hers is front n center.