Thursday, May 15, 2008

a sad and shocking story

if you live in Tallahassee you know where this is going as i'm sure it's been all over the news.

i was going to do a write up of it but in my search i found someone already did a good job in the same way i see it. thanks nolanchart.

i have friends who have done this in the past, it could be any of them. hell a few wrong turns in the road and it could have been me.

this was a setup from the get go,the cops knew that she was connected to these guys THEY wanted and used her to do it. this girl was not a 'dealer' per se...they probably did surveillance on the 2 guys,her name or number came up and they found their naive mark to do their bidding.

and now her blood is on their hands.

and cops wonder why they get no respect.


Bad Fish said...

The cops don't care who they hurt, so long as they bust SOMEONE so they can justify spending the tax payers dollars. These are men who, after a failed drug bust, would then search your pockets and try to find pot leaves stuck in the lint to bust you for possession. Thats just how they are, and they justify it all because they think they're doing good somehow. Assclowns.

jax said...

you don't have to tell me. i worked for a US company in Canada awhile back who were later charged with laundering money. i came in to work one morning and got the bumrush to the floor from the US DEA! it was not fun at all!
we were 5 ladies working in a quiet office and they stormed the place with assault rifles,vests and balaclavas! a lil much?

*none of knew anything was amiss and left asap when we found out.