Monday, May 19, 2008

the long weekend game

years ago my good friend and i were chatting about our plans for the day on a long weekend. she was cleaning out her closet and i was going shopping and trying to coax her to come with me. "jax, if i don't do it today i'll never do it. at least this way i'm getting paid to clean my room and you're getting paid to shop. enjoy it!"

that sentence changed my way of thinking of long weekends and the actual paid day off. it also started a hilarious game of who can get paid for the most outrageous or deviant thing between the two of us. hers was a sex marathon and mine was going to the taboo sex tradeshow. today not as exciting..blogging,laundry and shopping....again. we get two days of sun and i go out and spend a small fortune on a summer wardrobe. actually i hit some great sales so i'm cool with it. it was going to happen anyway.

what's the best thing you've done on a paid day off? the most scandalous?


jax said...

so who's reading from pitt meadows? email me. thnx

Bad Fish (trix) said...

Hey jax, do you have a tracker letting you know where your hits are coming from?

oh, and the best thing I ever did on a paid day off, is the most scandalous too: having buttloads of public secks! LOL

Twisted Sister said...

Uh - spent the day in bed with my boss. That was the best and the most scandalous. But I went on to marry him, so it ended up being no big deal.

jax said...

lol twist-the exception to the rule.

trix,yes super easy.if you are freaked about your info showing then you need to up your security settings and privacy settings. it only shows your location and net provider.