Wednesday, May 28, 2008

an open letter to drug addicted actors...

Dear drug addicted actors,

Please stop trying to pull this fuckery on the public. It's foolish, irresponsible and just fucking dumb. You entered a rehabilitation facility for DRUGS. Not depression, not to research a 'role' but to hopefully kick the monkey off your back. don't try to fool us by lying about the shit,just admit it.

we know,you know it,your studio bosses know it and so do their insurers. sure rich people have problems too but don't rub the entitled salt into the wound by denying that maybe the pressure is too much, maybe having to be pretty everyday is hard (for Eva) and maybe just maybe because of all this you developed a nasty habit that needs to be nipped in the bud.

sure you never got in the biz to be a role model but guess what? you never got int he biz to become a raving cokehead with tendencies to fuck the whole band in the back of the bus after Glastonbury either. so suck it up,put on a happy face and stand up and say 'yes i had a drug problem and i sought help for and so should you if you are going through the same thing"

it's no coincidence that magazine sales have soared and that a new celeb blog pops up every 30seconds. we are an obsessed culture, we want to look like you,live where you live drive what you drive and snort what you snort. and when the party is over on monday morning and we are asleep in our vomit and fired from work we wan to look up at you Eva, Kiki and the rest and know that there is a better way, that we can get help and reclaim our lives.

and in return we'll see every shitty movie you put out.

even mona lisa smile.