Monday, May 12, 2008

she's cold as icccce.

damn lauren. you only 'lived with audrina?' uh are ya forgettin how the fuck that came to be? heidi left your ass high n dry for spencer and audrina moved in to the condo, she wasn' t homeless. you didn't do her any favors.

i feel bad for audrina, dumb as a post yet very relatable. lo is clearly driving a wedge between the two and lc knows it. well why else was she crying? she knows that when push comes to shove she has to choose her future not her past...just like stephen. lauren keeps saying 'i'm not in high school anymore' and she likes going out. lo is looking for another homebody to do facials and eat sushi with on saturday nights. what lauren like smore than anything is lauren. she wants to be the toast of the party,the flash of the bulb...the fuckin girl lives on camera.
she's lauren truman.

meanwhile back in vegas??? spencer? wtf man? i hope this shit IS scripted,one man can't be that a big of an asshat. who follows their girlfriend to vegas outside of lampoon movies? seriously have you tried to get a flight last minute? without the hotel deal it's like a G. heidi's an idiot,i hope brent fires her the very least she can kiss 'project manager' away. snort.
and spencer? the guy is a class one douchebag supreme.
but she is whatever the female equivalent to that is so they should be together.
why ruin two families?

(i'd love to credit the image but i coulnd't find who..if you know tell me)


Jewels said...

Never watched those shows actually. And I don't get "Speidi" either. I mean, it just SCREAMS showmance, the boy is gay, gay, gay. And the girl is just looking for love in all the wrong places. Watching her trying to pose sexily is like watching two porcupines going at it. (she just always seems so cautious, and slow, and posed. She exudes lack of self esteem)

Pinky said...

LOL @ Jewels. I don't watch the show either, but you're right about Spencer. He grew up with some people I know, and while I couldn't get a verbal on the 'gay' part (got a sly smile) the relationship is definitely a 'showmance' Also, Spencer was one of the producers on "Princes of Malibu" - that short lived (thankfully) reality show on Fox.

Anonymous said...

I watch... (sorry)

and I was totally thinking the same thing.

I'm getting sick of lauren playing the victim card.