Monday, May 12, 2008

i'm either lazy as hell or genius.

is it wrong i want to hire a cleaning women for my 700 square foot 1 bedroom condo?

it's not that i don't like to clean ( i don't) or that i'm lazy (i am) but pardon me but i like spending my days off doing things i like rather than having my head half in the shitter cleaning for the better part of my saturday. is that wrong? my modern mother always had a cleaning lady come every friday while my mom worked full time. my mom still cooked and did the laundry etc. but she didn't waste what little personal time she had on her knees scrubbing floors. not to mention she once confessed to getting a secret thrill from coming home to a clean lemony fresh house every friday knowing she didn't have to lift a finger.


and why should she? she raised 3 kids,worked full time and still came home and cooked and tidied every night. she made her own money and could afford it much like myself. mom says go for it. my dad....well he's from a different generation..the 'old school' as he says where you worked your ass off and knew the price of a dollar. well i do work my ass off and i do know the price of a dollar thanks to him....but i'm more from the 'if you can pay someone to do it and save you it' whether it be painting the house,washing the car or mowing the lawn. unless of course you love those things and find them relaxing (weirdo) then all the power to ya.

i think a little part of dad's heart died when i told them of my plans to hire Molly Maid.
i feel a bit awful....but sorry Dad, unless you want to come over and wash 700s.f. of walnut hardwood flooring Molly's in and i'll be out........enjoying my life.

best $50 i'll ever spend.


surfer said...

Go for it Jax. I treat myself to a cleaning lady when I can. What's the diff if you spend $50 on a facial, mani/pedi or a top? It's no one's business. And, it's YOUR money!

But here's a tip. Molly Maid isn't so great - I tried them once, and there was a lot they didn't cover. Better to find someone on your own or through word of mouth. Maybe someone in your building will share.

jax said...

good tip thnx.

my mom has a regular lady who is great..but she is freinds with my mom and quite honestly my mom is a nosy bitch and would prob ask a zillion questions about the state of my

Jewels said...

Do get a cleaning lady, they ARE quite helpful. Do NOT get your mom's cleaning lady, for the aforementioned nosiness. LOL!
I used to work as a cleaning lady, (good $$$$!) had four regulars; went to each once a week, and gave myself Friday's off (guess I couldn't do your mom's then, LOL!) And yes, sadly, I AM a weirdo! I like cleaning. But I suspect I'm afflicted with a touch of compulsion (not obsession thought) that makes me want to make everything gleam...
Dad probably doesn't have the sympathy, 'cause he more than likely wasn't the one who had to clean the house. ;)

Pinky said...

Totally. It's twofold - you get what you want (a clean house) and you help somenone feed their family. Or - as in Jewel's case - buy baubles ;)

Jewels said...

more like materials to MAKE my own baubles! LOL!

Anonymous said...

My mother used the same system, and now I do.
I don't see anything wrong with it.

Also, I think the "pros" do a much better job than I do.

lyz said...

I have someone come every two weeks. My house is usually a disaster after 2 weeks, but I don't want to fork out $65 EVERY week. However, this is the best $$ I ever spent. I agree...I don't want to spend MY free time cleaning potties, vaccuuming, dusting....I can pick up in the meantime, but I'm happy to pay someone to do the real work.

jax said...

god i love how we've become so empowered by hiring someone to clean our floors! lol.