Sunday, May 11, 2008

to the great moms in my life

memere..90 years young,mother of 12,gramma to 40 great gramma to 20 and still going.
my mom,brother and dad 1966.
aunt,family friend and dad's mom 'memere' and my beautiful mom.
carol charity..loved and missed.
gramma opening Pepsis for the party. ooh i spot sundae dishes.
mom blowing out her candles as gramma looks on.
daisy, carol and dot- the canterbury triplets. (aunt gramma aunt)
great grampa,gramma,great gramma on a road trip.
my great gramma, gramma, mom and great grampa.

all these wonderful women and more taught myself and others so much about life, love and happiness.
thanks for everything mom,gramma and memere i love you!!!

To all the amazing moms out there have a Happy Mother's Day we couldn't be here without you.

5 comments: said...

I love family pics. Your family looks like a lot of fun. Carol Charity was working that fur coat!

I know you already realize how lucky you are to still have your mom AND grandmothers. Cherish them.

jax said...

thnx B i do...hope you had a great day with your family.

donna said...

Jax, I love the old pics .. when I was down for the count with dlb pneumonia, I got all my moms pics and put them in albuns for her .. it was a blast .. and funny how somethings that are old .. become new again and again and again .. I am sure my kids say the same thing about my 80's acid washed jeans and white boots!!

Rock on jax!

jax said...

thnx..hope you're feelin better.
ya these pics are great,they were slides we had converted to god the clarity!there is a lot more of the men in my family that i'll do for father's day.

oh i had the acid washed too AND the white granny tie up boots.
god bless the 80s.

april said...

Love the post and love the pictures! Thanks!