Monday, May 5, 2008

wtf is wrong with will smith?

did you see him on oprah's second part circle jerk with tommy boy? first off now i see how oprah works. first you blow me on friday then i blow you on monday. shameless.

anyhow....will smith. he looked...sickly. not in a losing weight for a role way. i may have to look back at blind items. something tells me something ain't right about the man. we've heard the rumours...hopefully the fresh perv of bel air wore a jimmy. i couldn't find a good picture to show form oprah, but it was kinda sad.

oh and btw 'dadda cruise' totally had botox on the forehead. poppa has no more creases and the snozz is a lil on the smaller side in my opinion. thoughts? he def looks younger.


adrian said...

The nose did look smaller--and the hair lighter. The tip seemed straighter, if that makes sense--not a full blown nose job, just a tip re-shaping.

april said...

I noticed the same thing! He didn't look like himself. And what a butt kisser! He seemed SO fake!