Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hulk Hogan is a douchebag...brotha

hulk...stfu already. seriously. you are making it worse. worse than you fucking a lookalike of your daughter, worse than your exwife boning the 19 year old pool boy. worse than your son whining like a lil bitch while he serves 8 wholllle months for making his so called bff a vegetable, worse than your daughter's singing. just shut the fuck up,stop doing interviews and go the fuck away for the duration of 2008 at the very least.

before all this went down and a young man lost all the joy in his short life you were somewhat the outside world anyway. now after all your hero worship and adoration over the years from diehard fans you are reduced to being a finger pointing dickhead who cant take responsibility for shit! your son, your cars, your booze. fuck off with your 'its God's will.' don't insult god further with your bullshit ramblings about jesus coming to save your sorry assed family. it ain't working.

congratulations Bolleas! you're the most disgusting family i know. tough break Brooke.


Amber said...

Well said.

~crazy peanut~ said...

2nd that STFU. What a tool.

Bad Fish said...

I hate this family more than I hate anyone, even the tool from Boston who broke my heart by dumping me just 'cause I didnt have a degree.

Stealing this pic Jax! Dont worry, I'll give ya a shoutout. I want to say something about Hulk's shoddy ass grills getting recalled.