Wednesday, June 11, 2008

so long...farewell...

Trevor linden did a lot in his time with Vancouver. in his first season alone the then 18 year old scored 30 goals. that's a lot of goals to school the old boys still skating in circles trying to figure out wtf just happened. 20 years as a pro athlete, 375 goals and over 400 assists. when he was 21 he was made the youngest ever captain of a NHL team.

And that was just on the ice. in Vancouver we know that he is as much a part of the city as the trees that tower over us and line the streets of Kits. Canuck Place especially benefited from Linden and his unending support, when they needed him he was there. when sick,dying kids needed him, he was there and when their parents needing some comfort and a moment to think of anything besides their sick child he was there and sometimes with free game tickets that night.

and when the Canucks needed him...he was there.
we'll miss you Trev. stick around why dontcha?

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