Wednesday, June 11, 2008

is this what its come to?

are we so enamored with reality tv as a society now and because of the writer's strike that at this point if celebs want a job that last more than 3 episodes and actual fanship they have to become reality stars? Case in point the train wreck starting tonight:

NBC's Celebrity Circus.
so let's review, we've had Dancing with the Stars, Celeb Rehab, Surreal Life, Celeb Fear Factor and my personal fav Tommy Lee goes to College.
so we've got a Brady, a Weeman, two ex models and 2 bitches i don't even know. please god just tell me they won't be using a net.


Amber said...

Remember circus with the stars?That was on I believe in the 80's.....I was a little kid,and I remember loving that show!!It was on like once a year as a special,or something.Now it's a sellout**tears roling down**

jax said...

oh i do it was awesome! the love boat people vs Three's Co and Fantasy island!

Battle of the Network Stars...sigh.