Friday, June 6, 2008

it's just one of those things...

i'm in too good a mood to snark. i know wtf is wrong with me? this is me,who i am,what i do.

i can't help it, i see the sun and it's all over for me like the lil slow kid down the road who hears the ice cream truck. i go batshit crazy for a sunny day.

hey i live in the vancouver area. it rains. it's who we are, what we do and how we cope.

good news is we are supposed to have shit weather for most of the weeknd so i should have a whole lotta posts up by monday....and a review FINALLY of Sex and the City. don't worry i won't spoil the shit for you but really if you call youself a fan and haven't seen it by monday then you are a poseur. ya i said it! ooh my bitch lives on..must be raining out again.

if you have ideas or comments for me feel free to email me at the address located 'pon da left hand side! lol..hoot hoot don't polute......seacrest out!


Bad Fish said...

Bleh I'm the exact opposite. I just cannot write when I am in a bad mood, or upset, or there's drama going on. Hence why the past two days have been drier than usual. I hate it. When I'm happy its easier for me to make those awful jokes. Bleh. I know I already said that but its just so bleh.

jax said...

bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh.couple that with the fact there is nothing happening in bloggy world.

someone needs to take a lot of drugs,drive,try to shoot someone and then get pulled over.
all with video footage on TMZ.