Sunday, June 8, 2008

My review of Sex and the City- no spoilers

let me start by saying i am a huge SATC fan. always have been from the originals on HBO and could not wait to see this movie after all the rumours over the last 5 years. well worth the wait! i LOVED it. 2.5 hours seemed to go by perfectly and as a fan it did not disappoint. i kept hearing it being called the love letter fans have been waiting for and without sounding cheesey it really was.
everyone was back in full form and it was as if time had stood still in some ways. Big still is hot, Samantha is and always will be Samantha Jones. Carrie the neurotic is a bit more chilled but still the same girl we all identified with. even Miranda was still pissing me off lol. and sweet little Charlotte? she has the best scenes in this movie that will make you laugh....and cry. see this movie. bring your best friend or your sister or drag your boyfriend for the sex scenes, but go.


jax said...

why are you reading this? go see the damn movie.

Anonymous said...

lol, sorry jax, but i managed to ignore the show for this long... i don't see that changing!

but since you asked so nicely, I'll put in in my netflicks queue.