Monday, January 5, 2009

Less talking,more investigating...

something is not right about this .

from tmz:

"Jett had suffered a seizure and struck either the toilet or the wall as he collapsed. He was "bleeding in several areas," including his mouth. He had no cuts but did have bruises on his body. Jett had also been bleeding internally."

does that sound like the injuries sustained from a seizure and whack on the head? i don't know but there is a LOT of conflicting information out there.


GladysKravitz said...

Everything up to the bleeding internally part sounds consistent with the seizue thing. But bleeding internally?? Unless he was on medication that thins his blood, that doesn't make a lot of sense.

Mooshki said...


Beth said...

its so sad....I pray that they weren't "negligent" with Jett. and if he had autism...why not just say that? it's really not so bad......just admit it and go on from there. why lie about it?


jax said...

the way they describe the bathroom he was found, was not a bathroom per se but just a toilet in a small small a freakin closet.
i just picture this large 16 year old boy having a seizure and collapsing in that small of space. the EMT said when he arrived they had moved Jett out of the bathroo into the hallway becasue it was not big enought to do CPR in.

i don't know why, but i get a really not good feeling that someone snapped and 'accidently' killed him and stuffed him the there to die or be found dead.
they waited no time after the autopsy in cremating him. and knowing that the caregiver was not a licensed person or trained person even from what i've read (with a grain of salt) is kinding..odd seeing as everyone and their dog is coming forward to defend the Travoltas saying that "they got him the best care possible."
hmm i dont know the dude from Adam but i think they got John the best care possible.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Lisa Marie Presley's defense of them? "All they do is try to make people's lives better, they're grieving have respect, they gave him the best care, they sought medical treatment" blah blah blah. I was so pissed. Since when does the fact that they're a grieving parent suddenly make them beyond suspicion of negligence? Is it not disrespectful to Jett to not look out for him, even in death? What about JETT? HUH?

jax said...

i know i was like STFU, this sin't about COS, this is about a shady looking death of a boy.