Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sorry, no comments until the pathetic people go back to Illinois.

you know what i love about sitemeter? you can tell ip addresses, get gps coordinates, operating systems and locations. sitemeter is your friend when trolls come lurking. you can do a lot with an IP address. legally too!


Bad Fish said...

It really is awesome. I like it when people come to your site and talk shit, then try to return later as someone else and you're like "oh nuh uh no you didn't"

jax said...

lol i know i busted an old high school biotch on here too!
oh minvan moms without a clue..suck it.

Bad Fish said...

Its especially funny when they talk smack, and then keep on coming back through the same means, just to see people's response. Get a life, seriously. LOL.