Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm sorry, what?

Ok it because you are racists bastards who believe all people of colour steal? Or are you trying to make it harder for people to avoid pregnancies and end up buying shit loads of diapers from...YOU?

Someone explain, because this just smells bad.


Bad Fish said...

Hmm I read the article and it did kinda seem like they were just trying to lock up the one thing that gets stolen the most. The condoms, cold medicines, lubricant, pregnancy tests, and high priced baby formula are all locked up at Seattle area grocery stores, and you'd be hard pressed to find a black person in any of 'em...just sayin'. I can see how condoms are the first thing to get stolen, because let's face it, 20 bucks for 12 gets really expensive.

You'd think that people of color would be more likely (or at least if you want to go with the stereotype) to get free ones from the PP clinic but maybe not.

You never know a person's true intentions in their heart, so perhaps it *was* malicious. Either way I hope this is not a case of racism, and not a case of the boy who cried wolf because he had a giant chip on his shoulder, either.

jax said...

i hear you but what got me is that no other stores in the area do it nor report high cases of theft of it begs to wonder..

Mooshki said...

Solution: Free condom machines on every street corner.