Monday, March 2, 2009

Fresh Hot Links!

With the blogosphere slowly dying down on the gossip front I thought I'd include a few new links that aren't gossip related for your reading pleasure.

Fuck You, Penguin- this site kills me. everything about telling a Koala bear to fuck off amuses me to no end.

Nobody Fucks with the Jesus- no not THAT Jesus. good read. funny.

Psychotic Letters from Men- this from the author of Why Women Hate Men. ever break up with a guy only to receive a crazy letter from them later on that would make Jeffrey Dahmer look sane? read all of them here.

Low Water Mark- this guys finds the randoms and breaks it down for you and makes you laugh about it.

Blind as a Bat- ever wonder what it's like to live in a bi-racial family in America? Beth is inspiring through her words and pictures. a daily read for me.

Why you Suck- not for the faint of heart or people easily offended by the word fuck. always funny,sometimes offensive...guaranteed entertaining.

Take some time to read through. If you have a blog that you think I'd like,email me! Know of one not listed I might like? Email me!


Anonymous said...

Not too frequently updated, but this one is a new favorite for me:

Mooshki said...

This was, honest to god, one of the top celeb "news" stories yesterday:

Beyonce On Life With Jay-Z: 'I'm Messy!'


Best of Craigslist. It doesn't update often enough, but there are some real gems sometimes.

Jay Leno's headlines are online. I hope Conan keeps this bit - I love the headlines.

Beth said...

awwww...I'm on your list??? Thanks girlfriend!!!!


Miranda said...

I've never read that Psychotic Letters from Men blog before but it is 18 kinds of awesome! Thanks so much for the link!