Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oh Canada indeed...

Remember this? Ya well the monster responsible for this shit was just found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Please tell me how a man can pack a bag FILLED with various weapons and board a bus with the intent to kill and be found not guilty? INTENT. Is that not the #1 factor in these cases?
Witnesses to the bloody horrific crime who had spoken with the fucker beforehand all had 'normal and not out of the ordinary' conversations with him.

Then he got on a bus and killed a young man by stabbing him repeatedly and quickly until he was dead. The to add further insult to such an atrocious crime, he beheaded the victim and paraded the head around for over 4 hours while police had him in a standoff. Over and over again he demanded that the news crews gathered around the bus broadcast him live to show the world what he has done. This is megalomania, not insanity. So he'll sit in a cushy bed everynight and get jello spoonfed to him while we taxpayers pay countless dollars towards feeding and housing this piece of shit.
And I for one am ashamed by my country's leniency towards this.

Lock this fucker up. FOR GOOD.


Bad Fish said...

That just makes me so scared. I wish he could be forced to wear a tracking device. What do you think is going to happen when/if he goes to the mental hospital? He manages to appear so "sane" that people testified as to such. He'll dupe the hospital quick enough and be out on his way.

twunty mcslore said...

How long has it been since we had some good old fashioned prison justice? Somebody needs to bend him over and stick a shiv up his ass, and continue to cut all the way up to his "temporarily insane" brain.

Mooshki said...

Sure, I feel sorry for crazy people. I feel sorry for rabid dogs, too, but they still need to be put down.

jax said...

lol how i love you true!
ya everything about this is just sick. i cannot wait for the 6pm news.