Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I know..I know..

i totally fucking suck! lately...I don't know why,but I'm stumped. And I know I'm not alone in it either, but it still is frustrating. My new site has taken a nosedive in the design department and at this point...is it worth it? I can't answer that right now...but in the mean time enjoy this small lol.
WTF is Katie wearing???


Mooshki said...

Hold off on the new site until you get excited about it again. It'll happen. Or it won't. Aren't I helpful?

Good god, I was just going to complain about how those jeans could make a toothpick look fat, then I got to the footwear(?). What in holy hell has she done? That's a Class 1 Fashion Felony.

Mooshki said...

WHAH?!!! I clicked to enlarge, and that isn't footwear over jeans, it's elasticized short jeans over stirrup pants?! W.T.F.!!!

Mooshki said...

Oops, not jeans, it's mini-leggings. How can this get so much worse every time I spot a new detail? No wonder she looks suicidal.

jax said...

i know. i'd fucking off myself too if Tommy made me wear his Sunday School clothes.

twunty mcslore said...

She's my ceramics teacher from 1984 on the top and the ten year old I bought a copy of the London Times back in 1895 in a previous life on the bottom.
And hang in there, kid. We'll wait.

Bad Fish said...

I don't think you suck ever :)

The offer still stands to revamp your blog for ya real quick, toots. It could tide you over til the "real thing" and the new design might be a little lifting and inspiring in the meantime. And since I'm your friend, you can be as picky as you want and I work for free! lol Just a thought.

and lolz on Katie's outfit, but everything from the waist down might not be *that* bad if she were in dance class or dance rehearsals or something. I doubt she was, but just sayin'.

jax said...

i will def let you know..you're 3 on my list, simply from the timing from when it was planned, and i'm on 2..lol.

thanks guys! i wasn't fishing..just updating. i realized today that i asked you to bookmark the new site months ago and still nadda to show.

GladysKravitz said...

That outfit is just plain pathetic. Did she get the shirt from Target? Is she going to some kind of strange Revolution reinactment/knitting class??

And Jax, hang in there. I agree with Mooshki--do what excites you. Life is too short for anything else.

I wish Katie would follow that advice.

Bad Fish said...

BTW...that outfit WAS from a dance class after all! I can almost forgive it. Almost.