Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally! A Sunny Sunday...

I laughed for a good solid minute at this.
Who hasn't had the pleasure of a NP before?



Beth said...


Jax, ya gotta help me with my youngest. what should I do? I even thought of home schooling him...he hates school so much. I don't know how to get through to him....HELP!!!1

jax said...

i need to think about what would have worked for me.

is he bored? is he bullied? is he too smart for the classes and ..bored? is he feeling overwhelmed?
learning issues? i think a good sit down one on one with the tow of you is a good start. ask him why he doesn't want to go and tell him that the reason doesn't matter, you just want to know. i faked tummy aches 100s of times. and some not even fakes.

not in the heat of the moment but a quiet time where everyone is relaxed.

if i knew THEN what i know NOW about life and education...i would have gone to school every damn day AND studied. take him for a ride to see homeless or people in shitty jobs and let him know without a proper education, that's where he'll be.

let me know how it goes...i wish you well!

Beth said...

thanks! I have asked him why he hates it and he says school is dumb and he doesn't plan on going to college so why should he study stupid stuff he'll never use? I think alot of it he's just bored. he is smart, but very lazy and doesn't like to put forth any effort.

I worry about him. But he HAS brought his grades up...he has b's and c's now, which is good for him!

jax said...

that's good. i don't know what the rules are in the US but up here, grades don't matter if your attendance is low. High School that is. If you miss more than 20 days in one class you fail it. you could have an A, doesn't matter.
if you weren't in class to learn it, it doesn't count. and if you fail more than 3 subjects, you fail the whole grade.

two words Beth:
SUMMER SCHOOL. Let him know if he doens't like getting up now and hates school, he's going to hate waking up early in the summer and going to school while his freinds that DID go all year enjoy the summer without him.

Bad Fish said...

lol I have to admit, I just don't understand "nervous poo". My colon wakes me up promptly at 8 am every morning.