Friday, April 3, 2009

Houston, we have a problem...

It happened.
My work set up a super dooper firewall and not only does it block facebook, twitter,tmz,dlisted (tears) and youtube, but now it's decided buhbye Blogger.

It's not like I posted all damn day,lol, as you all know it's been next to nil for awhile and pretty much only at lunchtime. So now on top of selling my condo and buying another condo in another city, I have to try to blog at night. Ah well.
The Man -1
Jax - 0.

Patience my pretties, I shall be around when I can.


Mooshki said...

That shit just ain't right.

Bad Fish said...

Maybe you'll be able to think and think and think all day and save it up for when you get home :) I stayed up real late last night blogging. I feel like I havent been posting enough.

jax said...

you know it kinda is true,only problem is i just don't have the time with going back and forth between cities.

i'll figure it just sux that they blocked blogger. i can read cdan and a few other sites but i can't really see anything so makes posting comments kinda lame. and forget my site,it's dead to me from 9-5.