Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Autumn Portrait CD Release Party

Comedian Jaz Holloran kicked it off with some hilarious, awkward stand up.
Bodhi Jones singing to the Musical Jesus.

Check out the Movember:
Christopher Arruda on piano..
...and guitar.
Adaline tickling the ivories for one of her songs.

Freddie Mojallal fo The Autumn Portrait.

The Autumn Portrait killing it onstage.
Noel Planet guesting on backup vocals for "The Light."
What a great night out for comedy and music. It was a small show at Cambrian Hall but it had a nice, cosy and intimate feel to it. Everyone seemed to have a good time despite the snowy weather outside. Inside it was all talent and no egos. I look forward to seeing all of these artists again soon.

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Vicki K said...

What a nite of so much talent! Jaz, way to fill in the gaps, funny guy. Bodhi, fantastic start to the nite, cant get enough of your voice. Chris, wow what pipes, so powerful, loved it. Adaline, what a special treat, such a pure voice, beautiful performance. Will, the magician, left us wanting more! And of course, The Autumn Portrait, way to shine!!! Lots of energy, love when u get ur peeps up on stage with you. This was a perfect nite to spend with a couple of teens, you 'all' have new fans from a younger generation, its so cool to have fans of all ages. Thanks again...cant wait for more...