Friday, November 19, 2010

The Peak Performance Project Finale

Vince Vaccaro
Vince Vaccaro featuring Christopher Arruda on drums.

Said The Whale

Said The Whale and the 2010 Top 20 Peak Performance Project

Kyprios,first place winner of the 2010 PPP.

The peak 100.5 on air personalities. Tamara, Laurie, James & Peter.
Confetti Canon!
....annnnd scene.
Another successful end to the The Peak 100.5 & Music BC's Peak Performance Project. The party is over and the winner has been declared: Kyprios! Everyone really thought Said The Whale was going to take it and honestly, so did I. Everyone this year in the Top 20 really blew me away. So much talent it makes me proud to be from BC. Whoever came in first was fine by me.

Final results were:
Kyprios in first being awarded $100 500.
Said The Whale in 2rd with $75 000 and Vince Vaccaro in 3rd with $50 000.

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