Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Wrap Up 2010

This was one of the event staff from Rogue Wetbar. The picture doesn't do it justice.
The ghost of Michael Jackson and child.
RUN DMC. RIP to Jam Master Jay who passed 6 years ago.
Red Riding Hood Hell.
That was some of the smoothest ass I have come across.
STOP! Hammer time!
WWJW4H. What would Jesus wear for Halloween? Carwash attendant.
Ace and Gary contemplating their sexuality.
Canucks Green Men.
THIS GUY! Reading at a bar? Ya, like we believe he can really read.
Who ya gonna call?
Thankfully not Dj-ing....
Pee Wee checking his email.
Facebook. AND you can write on his wall. Brilliant.
Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!
Inside Rogue about 5 mins before 4 people were shot 100ft down the block.
Sonny Crocket passed TFO.
Look at you, now look at me,now loook at my towel,now look at me drool.
Clever man, he gave out these.
Happy Halloween from Jax!


RocketQueen said...

I saw that facebook costume last year - so great.

I LOVE the DeadMau5 head!

jax said...

i know,i think it lit up too.