Saturday, January 29, 2011

Virgin Radio's Fake Film Festival

I went down to the 560 Club tonight to check out Virgin Radio's Fake Film Festival with some of my girlfriends at the old A&B Sound Store on Seymour. Great new club but their trying-to-prove-how-cool-we-are bathrooms are not ideal. The unisex bathroom concept is fine but for the love of god...put some damn walls up to separate the bathroom from the club, that is just wrong. Wrong. Anyway, the food was pretty good and the SKYY vodka was going down well. It even featured a performance by Toronto's Sweet Thing. I hadn't heard much of them before, but they put on a show that had the crowd in a good mood and appeared to have a lot of local fans.

The winner of the $10,000 was this one for Scott Pilgrim,but my personal favorite was above. For 60 seconds, these movies are incredibly well done. I completely respect how much time went into making a 1 minute movie. Amazing job. Check em all out on YouTube.

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