Friday, June 10, 2011

Watching the Canucks vs Boston Game 4 In Vancouver

I think he made our away game luck disappear.
I love this. All ethnicities..we are all Canucks.
Fans for a few years I see.

I have no idea.

A few people showed up.
...they brought their friends.
Roaming Dragon!
Canada Place had a small turnout due to poor location of the screen during daylight.
Whether you are a hardcore fan, casual watcher or straight up bandwagon-er, get on board the Stanley Cup Express and head down to Georgia and Homer for a fun, free and once-in-40years chance to watch our Vancouver Canucks bring the Stanley Cup home with 30-60,000 of your closest friends. I've done it once and hope to do it again this weekend for game 6. It's completely family friendly but if we win, I wouldn't recommend having little ones on Granville. While safety isn't an issue, it's very loud and just not the place for a stroller. Local food trucks are on hand, plenty of restrooms and a relaxed and party-like atmosphere. Go check it out!


Faiz Langsang said...

Whoa..There's a lot of people

jax said...

that's only one part..about double that in total. ;o)

Doc Girl said...

Great pics! I've been watching your posts with interest. One question - in the group photo where everyone is sitting and the aisle is clear - how the heck did that happen? How did the aisle remain clear?!

jax said...

i'd like to say it's because we are so polite in it's because they had ushers keeping the aisle clear.

RocketQueen said...

Greats shots!

RocketQueen said...

...shots shots shots, shots shots shots shots!

jax said...

hahahahah! SHOTS!