Friday, June 6, 2008

i cannot stand these foolios

i may be alone in this but i doubt it. why do these dudes get so much pr? is it the tween set and the copious amounts of expendable cash they have? is it the miley affect? either way these kids remind me of the ugly guys from Menudo. oh you know the one. when ricky was just a wee one in the group there was that moppy headed bugger who danced like shit. not specific enough? lol..

anyway here is my fav shot i could find of them....for 2 reasons:

1- it includes canadian douchebagette avril lavine further proving my theory that they suck.

2- check out the amount of makeup these bitches are wearing! how edgy in a Bonne Bell sorda way. i think the one on the side is wearing more than avril.
THIRD REASON! hahah that finger you see? its a jonas digit,these guys posed ON PURPOSE with rat face! hahah.


(thank you to the fan blog i stole this from. as punishment for having such shitty tastes in music you get no shoutout)


mngddess said...

Look, Jax - they're nice, polite, hard-working boys enslaved by Disney (for the time being). Thy seem to have decent parents who keep them on the level. Their only problem is their obiously flamin' gay stylist who dresses them in yellow pants and stripes. Please don't anger them so they breakup and don't get to play a concert in NJ next month that I am fored to go to.

Besides, the youngest will be my future son-in-law one day. Just ask my daughter. She's very pushy.

jax said...

sweetie it ain't just the stylist that's flaming gay!

Anonymous said...

you KNOW it's time for a new stylist when even Perez thinks you are dressing flamboyantly.